About EsolutionTG

EsolutionTG specializes in Customer Relationship Management by offering various client oriented services. Our goal is to help businesses around the world to become more efficient and provide a more stable and successful commercial setting. In 2012, EsolutionTG began developing various business assistant tools to enhance sales management. Our staff at EsolutionTG has many years of experience in the Financial, Investment, IT Solutions and Global Marketing industries. EsolutionTG is now applying these skills to provide convenient and professional services to all of its members. EsolutionTG promises progressive service to improve our member’s quality of life through more efficient sales marketing.

Global Headquarters

3235 Satellite Blvd, Bldg 400 Ste 290, Duluth, GA 30096
[email protected]

Our History

2014 Nov EsolutionTG, LLC GA, USA Registration
2015 Mar ThanksMatrix.com, Go7shop.com Standard Membership Plan Global Launching
Aug Premium Membership Global Launching, CRM Business Plan Membership, On/Off Line Pos System
2016 Jan Pro Agent Rule Update
Jan NRF 2016 Retail Show
Apr New York Branch Open
June EsolutionTG Korea, Corp in Yeoudo, Korea and Thanksmatrix Korea, China Open
July Virginia Branch Open
July EsolutionTG Workshop #1, #2
Sep EsolutionTG Workshop #3
Sep EsolutionTG Korea Seoul Branch Open in Gangnam, Korea
Oct EsolutionTG Workshop #4
TM PRO Counsulting, Corp and ThanksTrucking, LLC Service Contract
Nov GoLawcase.com, ThanksBless.com ESolutionTG brands, launched
TM Wellbeing, LLC Service Provider Contract
Dec 1st EsolutionTG Day In Las Vegas
2017 Feb EsolutionTG Leadership Workshop #6 in New York
Mar Tresmore, LLC and ThanksDigit, LLC Service Provider Contract


CEO Joseph L. Stravato

Joseph has a background in finance and entrepreneurship including experience as a tax auditor for the NYC Law Department. Joseph founded several start-up organizations which totaled millions of dollars in sales. Joseph also serves as the financial and accounting guru of non-profit Community Outreach Properties, Inc.
After graduating from the City University of New York - Baruch with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and being employed as an accountant for a mutual fund, Mr. Stravato spent nine years with the NYC Law Department where he was promoted to their highest accounting position. He then brought his financial expertise into the private sector where he worked as an investment banker with several Securities Exchange firms for over 20 years. In that time, his transactions combined for a total of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. He is also a co-founder of NYCOM Information Services where he maintained investor relations and was instrumental in raising over $31 Million for this publicly traded company.
Mr. Stravato has a proven success record in investment banking and an aptness in accounting and tax law, along with his natural goodwill and knack for developing significant business contacts is as much a credit to his accomplishments as his versatile knowledge." to "Mr. Stravato's proven success record in investment banking and aptness in accounting and tax law, along with his natural goodwill and knack for developing significant business contacts is as much a credit to his accomplishments as his versatile knowledge.




Board of Directors
CEO Joseph Stravato

Executive Team
IT Development / Vice President : Sean A. Lee
Marketing & Promotion / Vice President : Justin Kim

Management Support Team
General Manager : Diane Yu
Secretary : Kelly Park

Global Strategy Management
General Manager : Seyoung Hwang

Executive Director
James Shin, Kwangho Lee, Jungkul Byun

Regional Director
Kwang C Chang, Hyun M Shin

Global Companies
EsolutionTG Korea : CEO/President Jin Won Jeoung